“Talking SMAC” (Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud)

The fact of the matter is that , at some point, you will suffer a security breach; you may even have a breach right now . Forrester predicts that in 2015, at least 60% of enterprises will discover a breach of sensitive data. Most breaches are not even discovered by the breached party. Inadequate incident […]

The Evolution of the BlueBridge Networks Cleveland Cloud Computing and Data Center

The Evolution of the BlueBridge Networks Cleveland Cloud Computing and Data Center Over the past 11 years, BlueBridge Networks has emerged as a state and regional leader in data storage, becoming the first-of-its-kind Ohio-based data center facility with facilities on different national power grids. With data center cloud computing facilities in Cleveland, Mayfield Heights and Columbus, Ohio, […]

Cloud Easy as 1, 2 , 3 – Part 3 – Data Storage

Cloud Easy as 1, 2 3 – Part 3 DATA STORAGE Storage: It’s the foundation upon which every IT department builds its strategy. It’s also the digital embodiment of everything your business has, is or will do. In the last 20 years, the need for larger and larger repositories to store those critical ones and […]

Cloud as easy as 1, 2, 3 – Part 2 – Security and Compliance

Cloud as easy as 1, 2, 3 Security and Compliance BlueBridge Networks has its Data Center Flagships in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio and access to various Cloud Nodes in cities in Canada and across the United States. Security in the hands of others in the cloud can be deeper, wider and more effective than on […]

Navigating Personal and Business Privacy and CyberSecurity in the Digital Age

A critical component of Security is impression. Much of what is deemed secure is often times more of an impression than a reality. The big box stores whether on line or brick and mortar may appear more secure, yet they are also at risk. As we have learned, Target was indeed the target – TJ […]

The BYOD(evice) Dilemma

Before you address the technological aspects of bringing your own device and the security issues that come with it, address the common aspects: Mobile devices are just that – mobile. You can take them most anywhere. If employees are going to access sensitive company data on their devices, you have to make it clear that […]