Tech Experts Address Need to Attract and Retain Talent in Northeast Ohio

WARRENSVILLE HTS. — What’s the best way to attract technology talent to Cleveland? According to Lev Gonick, the CEO of OneCommunity, the city should take advantage of its “grittiness” because “one of the industries attracted to grittiness is tech.” Gonick was one of four panelists at the Oct. 1 Amplify Speaker Series luncheon at Corporate College […]

Bikram Yoga: A Secret Weapon in the Business World

For a number of years I practiced various types of yoga, from Kundalini to Hatha to Vinyasa. I have practiced on mountaintops around the globe, on beaches at each coast, ashrams, temples, monasteries, and multiple pop-up yoga studios. I remain a disciplined seeker of the joyous outcomes via yogic movement, breath, and pause. All along […]

Groundbreaking from the Start: how local companies helped shape the world

Published in Freshwater Cleveland, July 2014. “Cleveland historically has been home to entrepreneurs with innovations that helped shape the world as we know it today. From Charles F. Brush’s arc lamps that illuminated the streets of Wabash, Indiana in 1880, making it the first electrically lighted city in the world…” Read full article

How Small Firms Can Make Customers Feel Safe Online

Published in Wall Street Journal – June 2014. “It’s hard enough for big companies to reassure customers that their sites are safe from hackers. So how do small companies make people feel safe? Simply having a site that’s well protected against attacks isn’t enough, especially when small businesses seem like much easier targets …” Read […]

Reinvention – The Art of Transformation

This week, as the lighting ceremony takes place in downtown Cleveland’s Playhouse Square, I am called to think about “transformations.” It is amazing to think back to 2005, when I joined BlueBridge Networks, where Playhouse Square, Downtown, and the Cleveland region was and where it is and going today. It is amazing to consider the growth and […]