Corporate Reciprocity – the Benefits are Endless

“Doing seemingly ordinary things with extraordinary love and intention will create exponential results and supports building a company brand and stellar reputation.”

Indeed, doing seemingly ordinary things with extraordinary love and intention will help an organization as much as an individual to create exponential results and help build a company’s brand and stellar reputation. It is said that character is the sum total of all of your thoughts, words, and deeds. That holds true, as well, to the character of an organization.

These efforts typically over time will be noticed by the local media; this is evident by the many articles and features written about the company I have been privileged to work for over the years. BlueBridge Networks has been rewarded for its philanthropic efforts, world-class customer service, and innovation while being recognized for its excellence. Members of our staff regularly participate in panels, webinars, speaking engagements, and seminars, along with tours of our facilities, to educate others and continue to teach ourselves how we can best serve the local business and IT community. Our company has also embarked on a formal initiative to reach out to the nonprofit community to offer services at reduced rates. As a result, we are known as thought leaders and stewards.

It is important for a company, no matter its size, to encourage all of its employees to volunteer as a way of supporting the community. We are becoming more and more involved in the area of contributions to the community by seeking out institutions we can support. One example of our civic obligation and deeply held philosophy of giving back is to regularly co-sponsor Red Cross blood drives in our buildings and neighborhoods.

As we grow, we continue to look to the community and search for places in which we may fill a niche of support. The size of a company matters less than its intention and willingness to participate in the civic arena. Remember, small and large contributions of time, talent, and treasure add to the whole. Whatever a corporation or institution has to give counts more than the end result. The effort is galvanized in a chain link between persons. It is important to note that whatever is attempted helps to set a tone in the office. Ordinary efforts over time begin to uphold a legacy of giving and reciprocity while reminding employees that what they do matters and makes a difference and impacts on the greater good of a community. That adds up to job satisfaction. This can prove to be a terrific tool to both attract and retain human resources.

Behave as if you are where you wish to be as a company. If you can’t give the dollars, you can give time, space, and service. Participate and deliver while serving on boards and in the community. You may never know what difference or impact you might make because of what you do or say or because of who is watching or listening. We are all empowered to serve in a very particular way. We can improve our standing in the business community and be noticed for our efforts in many and varied ways. Statistics take their inevitable toll as we step up to bat with each effort large or small. We have an opportunity to be in the same room, as decision makers and change agents are looking on, watching our seemingly ordinary contributions. The best thing we can be guilty of is that we are seen in such a way that these persons think, “If he or she or this firm can accomplish and deliver as a volunteer, imagine how well they do when paid …”

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