Spring Prose

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Winter gives way to Spring quietly with a warming of the air, melting of the snow , opening of the blossoms, the return of the robins and the buzzing of bees. And as if all in one moment, the miracle happens and the world is in bloom.

Each bird that sings this spring sings for you, and every flower that blooms saves its perfume and loveliness for you.

Seize the Season!

Peace… Light… Love…

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Spring overtakes Winter- like swords being turned into plowshares . In the Springtime, the days grow longer  as tender new life emerges. There is an excitement about Spring  where we see all the new life around us- we feel more alive. The deep fresh  greens bring with them a heightened awareness of the goodness and beauty of life. The contrast of Spring with the season of Winter which has just passed arouses in us a fascination with the mystery of life, a sense of renewal and awakenings. It is a time of vulnerability for the new life that emerges everywhere. There is a preoccupation with life. We are visited again, by intense colors and activities, fragrant blossoms, and a return of the birds and their inspiring songs. My wish for you this Spring is that you absorb all of the beauties of the season and let it be  a dramatic bursting forth of Faith, Hope and Love…

Peace… Light… Love…

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